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Unable to run Expressmaint

Nov 17, 2009 at 7:36 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have SQL Server Express 2005 version 8.0.760 and the newest version of ExpressMaint 2.0. I receive error when I run ExpressMaint application from console:

" Wyjątek nieobsłużony: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Nie można załadować pliku
lub zestawu 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo, Version=, Culture=neutral, Publi
cKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' lub jednej z jego zależności. Nie można odnaleźć okr
eślonego pliku.
Nazwa pliku: 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo, Version=, Culture=neutral, Publi
w ExpressMaint.ExpressMaint.Main()

OSTRZEŻENIE: rejestrowanie informacji o powiązaniach zestaww jest wyłączone.
Aby włączyć rejestrowanie błędw powiązań zestaww, ustaw wartość rejestru [HKLM\S
oftware\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) rwną 1.
Uwaga: z włączeniem rejestrowania błędw powiązań zestaww wiąże się pewien spadek
Aby wyłączyć tę funkcję, usuń wartość rejestru [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!E

My command is: "G:\Aplikacje\ExpressMaint\ExpressMaint.exe -S 9fn0z0j\MSSQLSERVER -D ALL_USER -T DB -R H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\reports -RU WEEKS -RV 1 -B H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\sql -BU DAYS -BV 1 -V -C"

Previously when the application was running according to windows task scheduler I received event in system events log:

"Typ zdarzenia: Błąd
Źródło zdarzenia: .NET Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting
Kategoria zdarzenia: Brak
Identyfikator zdarzenia: 1000
Data: 2009-11-12
Godzina: 22:00:00
Użytkownik: Brak
Komputer: 9FN0Z0J
Faulting application expressmaint.exe, version, stamp 4af5a2eb, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3541, stamp 49c4f7e4, debug? 0, fault address 0x00012a6b.
Aby znaleźć więcej informacji, zobacz w Centrum pomocy i obsługi technicznej."

ExpressMaint doesn't start, no report is generated. What can I do in such situation. Do you have any suggestions?

Nov 17, 2009 at 8:13 PM

Version 8.0.760 is SQL 2000. What the error is saying is you don't have SMO for SQL 2005 installed. SQL 2000 actually has its own maintenance procedures



Expressmaint is for SQL 2005 or higher because these utilities are no longer present

Hope this helps



Nov 17, 2009 at 9:22 PM

Thank you very much for your reply but I can't run this tool also. My command is: sqlmaint -S 9fn0z0j\MSSQLSERVER -U "sa" -P "password" -D Gemini -Rpt H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\reports\Gemini_maint.rpt -BkUpDb H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\sql -BkUpMedia DISK -VrfyBackup 2weeks. After that consolse display help context only. Do you know what is wrong? Please advice

Nov 18, 2009 at 4:37 PM

Please suggest me something. I'm stuck in this point. What can be done? Is there any other solution?


Nov 18, 2009 at 5:07 PM

I think it needs to be more like this however I don't have a SQL 2000 instance to try it on at the moment. You can always try the SQL newsgroups

sqlmaint -S 9fn0z0j\MSSQLSERVER -U sa -P password -D Gemini -Rpt H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\reports\Gemini_maint.rpt -BkUpDb H:\Backup\Safety\gemini\sql -BkUpMedia DISK -VrfyBackup -DelBkUps 2weeks


Nov 19, 2009 at 11:24 AM

Thanks for help. I've registered on TechNet forum but didn't receive any construstive solution. Mayby I should upgrade my SQL to the newer version. Maybe service pack must be installed? How to check if sqlmaint application connects properly with my database? Is there any diagnostic command I can use?